September 15, 2011

The Cookie

For many weeks Andrew and I tried to coerce Meredith to pull her tooth (the bottom, in the front), or let one of us do the deed for her. And for weeks that lil tooth stayed in there while that big tooth slowly made it's way upward. So when two days ago she started giggling to herself on the couch, which happens very often, but this time she sounded a bit apprehensive, I began to wonder what the deal was. Mer came to me and said, "Mommy! My tooth came out!" I asked her what happened and she said, "I bit in to my cookie and it just fell out!" She was so happy of its finally happening and took all the credit for that tooth coming out. The cookie was only mentioned once when she first told me about it, and then like magic, the tooth fairy owed her something amazing (definitely more than Andrew or I ever received after pulling our first tooth), almost as if it were her own two fingers that got the job done.
In this case, it wasn't an apple or a string, but a cookie. Who woulda thunk!
And the result of eating that cookie that made the tooth come out that Meredith never wanted to pull in the first place?

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Jake Hussey said...

Oh that is too funny! That reminds me; did I ever get anything for my lost teeth? Think it's time to have a pow-wow with the "tooth fairy" and let her know she owes me money.