September 13, 2011

Meredith's First Day of Kindergarten

She was a pro. Andrew and I parked, walked her in the school amid the other bustling students, and she didn't even wince. Our baby, who made her appearance in to the world only six years ago is now a professional kindergartner. Excuse the photograph due to Andrew's lack of anything besides a camera phone. Nevertheless, we are so excited!


Chance said...

Cute kid. I still want to see the teacher's face the first time she says "It's all over me!" the way I see your comma error English teacher!! ;-)

O'leary Time said...

She will never say that! I guarantee it. On the other hand, if I leave the apostrophe out, then it'll look like Os...and that's unacceptable. =)

Jake Hussey said...

Lol. She looks so cute.