October 10, 2011

DIY Weekend Projects

This weekend found itself to be somewhat laborious and full of decision making. Andrew, Mer, and I spent hours at Home Depot pricing materials for our DIY project. Our first thought and major idea was to build a coffee table using a 4ft x 4ft wooden pallet. Here's what we were thinking (or dreaming of).

We fell in love with this look. The glass on top adds a polished finish, although we would've definitely done a different color for the wood. Probably purple.
So after pricing the glass and wheels for such a unique coffee table, we found it to be more expensive than planned.
We improvised and bought wood to make our own table instead. Turns out the wood and legs for a coffee table are more economical than purchasing glass for a very large pallet. Even though foregoing our little pallet project put me in a temporary slump, Andrew was ready to jump the gun with building his new coffee table.
And this is how it turned out.
He even picked the color.
I love him. (Smile).

Now, my job for the weekend was to create something to go above our bed just to add some color and sweetness. And here's what I accomplished, with Mr. O's help of course.

The end result of our long, DIY weekend projects? Lots of laughs, labor, and some splash of color throughout the apartment. Very nice.

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Chance said...

I told you I'd give you the glass top to my desk! You'd just have to have it cut...