October 26, 2011

Good Times

This past weekend brought great times. Mer singing a line from Disney's "Tangled" while showering made me smile. I remember the first time I heard her sing (prob age 2) and I wanted to cry because it was so sweet. Although, I have to admit that she usually walks around singing the same line over and over from random songs, never finishing the song in its entirety (I'm starting to believe this is an O'Leary trait). For example:


A Friday night United Football League game reminded Andrew and myself of the reason why we like watching soccer so much. A guy behind us kept yelling "KILL 'EM!!" We couldn't stop laughing. After the guy would quiet down Andrew would yell "KILL 'EM!" and the guy almost immediately repeated it with such seriousness you would've thought this game between the Locomotives and the Destroyers was a Super Bowl game. Ahhh, good times.

And Saturday night led to an amazing date night and the best food Andrew and I have ever eaten. The YMCA has free Parent's Night Out for members, so we took advantage of the offer and got our togetherness on (very important to have adult time when you have kids). Andrew and I dropped Mer off at the Y and decided on a little place called The Broken Egg for dinner. It's located in the cutest plaza with a brand new theater, in which we were hoping to catch a movie after dinner, but had to forgo since we spent all of our time at the restaurant enjoying food and each other's company. Andrew had pasta in a cream sauce with shrimp, sausage, and chicken on top (Oh my word! It was so delicious!) and I ordered the Five Pepper Blackened Tuna Steak with a balsamic reduction on top, and potatoes and asparagus on the side (soon I will find a recipe and make!). Let me just say...if food is served in Heaven, then I want this for every meal. Andrew and I left The Broken Egg full and happy. We didn't even want dessert (shocker!). And we decided that this is the place to go when friends and family come to visit (Smile).

After Saturday's new food find, we never guessed we'd find another amazing restaurant. It's on a totally different scale, but nonetheless amazing. Sunday after church, we visited a place called...actually, I don't know the name, but the front of the place says "Jamaican Jerk Chicken," and I'm pretty sure that wasn't the official name. Nevertheless, the jerk chicken was phenomenal and the people working there were so nice it seemed like we were visiting friends. Even Mer ate the food! So now Andrew, Mer, and I have two restaurants to frequent on our weekends we eat out. 
The weekend brought us some good times and great food.


Deanna Wages said...

What you said about Mere cracks me up! And the video made me laugh even harder. It IS an O'Leary traight. Lol.

Deanna Wages said...


Emily Habeck said...

Loved that you two had the opportunity to go out on a date night. If aunt Emmie was around you would have lots of date nights. :) Cant wait to try these places out.