October 17, 2011

Interesting Take, Great Response

I found this snippet online from another blogger and decided it was too good to pass up. Click to enlarge.

All I can say is wow. She hit the nail on the head. Being a parent is constant vigilance, constant touch, and constantly using your voice, because anything less would surely be giving in to the temptation to "seek short-term relief," which would ultimately be at the child's expense. Andrew and I began a class at church called Growing Kids God's Way.  One of the very first lessons is about continuously explaining to your child the reason behind why things are done a certain way, and the morality behind our decisions. It is easier to simply say "No" to a child than it is to explain why, but the good parent is thinking about the long-term, not merely the moment's frustration. And it is...flat...out...exhausting! Those precious moments we have to sit in silence with our own thoughts...AH! It's refreshing and much needed.  The advice lady hit the nail on the head, for sure. The joy parenting gives is unfathomable, and truly unlike any love.
With that said, here is a video for moms and dads alike, although it is made up of all moms. Moms were asked if they could go back to before their first baby, what they would tell themselves.

So good. So true.
*He is going to get sick...and you will sit up all night, just watching him breathe: Andrew and I did this every time with Meredith. It's so worth it...and exhausting.
*You are beautiful: looking back at those pictures from before you had that first baby, you're like "Dang! I really did look amazing!" And you vow to get to that place once again, but still YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. And again I say, it's so worth it.
To the new mother and father in the family, James & Hannah, congratulations! To the parents who will be, this video has some great words of wisdom.


Deanna Wages said...

Love what you wrote Kristin. Melts my heart. Cool to see yall growing closer as a family and closer to the Lord. Love yall.

O'Leary Time said...

Thanks DD. We love and miss you all! And glad you're out there reading. =)