October 7, 2011

Living on a Budget

Since our recent move to Virginia, Andrew and I have looked
 for ways to save on much needed home items. 
For weeks we've rolled passed a store located in the heart of Suffolk
 (creatively named Stretch-A-Buck), and finally we 
decided this place needed to be checked out. 
Needless to say, this place was amazing. 
They had furniture, church pews, mattresses, old picture frames, 
old doors, old luggage, and countless more items to dig through. 
This place is a gold mine to anybody who is looking for forgotten treasure. 
My eyeballs locked on an old trunk like a kids eyeballs claim untouched candy, 
and suddenly I had to have it. 
The man gave it to us for the great price of $15 
and suddenly that old trunk became my new treasure. 
It doubles as a coffee table/storage space for blankets and such. 
If you're looking for cheap ways to spice up your home setting, 
I highly suggest you take a look at your local treasure, I mean secondhand store.


Leslie said...

That is such a beautiful chest! I love what you've done with it at such a great price. Send me one...I will pay for shipping :)

Mrs. O said...

Why, thank you love! And I'll see if I can find one. I'll be in town on Nov. 4th.