October 11, 2011

Things We Learn from Children

As school let out the other day and car-riders were dismissed, I saw my sweet kindergartner happily advance toward me through the glass hallway doors. I gave my baby a hug and we walked out of the school and down the tree-lined sidewalk as she commenced in telling me how the events of her school day played out. Apparently recess was fun, her best friend Grace wants her to have a sleepover party, and a little boy pushed her in class.

Say WHAT??

Somebody pushed my child?

Oh, no he didn't!

As a parent defending your child, that is the natural reaction in your head. As a parent who knows that children will be children and will do as they're allowed to do, I simply said, "Just stay away from him, don't push back, tell him that pushing is unkind, and let your teacher know what has happened."

Mer's response: "Well, Mommy, I told him that he should say he's sorry because that's not nice to do. But he didn't even say he was sorry and he walked away."
My response: "Then just stay away from him honey. It's not nice to push and if he continues to do that, then I'd rather you stay away from him."
Mer's response: "Yeah. But Mom (looking at the ground as if in deep thought, then hurriedly looking up at me as if suddenly everything was clear), you can't just give up on a friend. I can't stop being his friend. That's not right, Mom. I will tell him not to do that again because it's not nice to do to friends."
My response: Shock.

In that moment I saw something more than a five-year-old little girl. I saw the wisdom that so many adults have left behind. My child taught me once again that every person deserves the constant love and leadership of a good friend. She taught me that if there is no love and no leadership in the lives of others, then there's no way they can learn from their mistakes. Therefore, this is exactly why she couldn't give up on the boy: because he wouldn't learn by her staying away and not being his friend. He would only learn if somebody stood up to him out of love and concern. I can tell already that she has that never-ending, never-giving-up, never-failing kind of love for others that we read about in her Bible every night. The kind of love that God shows sinners alike. I sure do learn great things from my child. Many times I'm left in awe at her intensely perceptive nature and her determination to do what is right by others, and I can be nothing but proud and truly overwhelmed with love.
We can all learn a thing or two from a child.

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