November 19, 2011

Remember Nerf?

Do you remember Nerf guns? Well, I sure do and the only reason I've found use of it lately is in good fun with Andrew, Mer, and myself. I found this great idea on Pinterest, apparently fun wives do this, and it looked exciting.

We had such a great time doing this. Andrew was caught off guard. He peeked through the door, mumbled that it wasn't fair we attacked him with golf clubs in hand, and shut the door again to prepare himself. Mer was already prepared and waiting patiently.

Even though she had to pee really really badly (squirming in picture 3).

Let the fight begin! Andrew said he kept his shades on so nothing hit him in the eye. We thought it was really fun and I had some giggles from the sidelines (plus, even though the letter said Mer and I would both have a gun, I really just gave Mer more ammo than Andrew.)  =)

Later we headed to McArthur Mall for the Christmas parade. When first moving to Virginia we never thought another mall could compare to the Mall of Georgia, but boy were we wrong! McArthur Mall is three full floors packed with every store you'd ever want in a mall. The plus is that it's only about 25 minutes away from us. Woo hoo!! for mall trips! Anyway, we stayed in the mall so long that we weren't fortunate to get a good spot for the parade. We watched from a distance with Mer on Andrew's shoulders and me a head or two shorter than everybody in front of me (my camera did the seeing and I just stood there).

There were floats, lights, marching bands, and bunches of people. There were even people in the building across from us, sitting in their cozy apartments watching the parade. Andrew and I decided we need to be friends with those people. Maybe next year. =)

And pictures of us, of course. Meredith looks just like Andrew and nothing like me. This picture is proof.
Great times with Nerf and Christmas parades. A beautiful day with the family.

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Emily Habeck said...

Sounds like a ton of fun! LOVE the pics! I'll def have to check out the mall when I'm there. =)