November 29, 2011


Before November ends, I feel the importance of putting in to words what Andrew, Mer, and I are thankful for everyday in our hearts.
We are thankful:
  1. To be part of God's kingdom because of the love of a Savior.
  2. To be together in our own dwelling place once again.
  3. To share in one another's love, laughter, and tribulations.
  4. For family bonds and growth.
  5. For meeting strangers who've become friends in this new place.
  6. For forever friends who are so far away.
  7. For providence over friends and family.
  8. For all our worldly possessions, even though they don't guarantee happiness.
  9. For hands to do work for others when they cannot do for themselves.
  10. For having a job when many do not.
  11. For the A-MAZ-ING food and fellowship Thanksgiving week.
There's so much to be thankful for this year. As the month of November comes to a close and Thanksgiving is yet another year away, we will continue to give thanks throughout the year for one another and the Lord's abundant blessings.

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