December 14, 2011

A Letter to a Daughter.

Dearest Daughter,
Somewhere in storage boxes packed away in a closet are pictures of the two of us. You fit snugly in my arms, with your head nestled close to my heart. You smiled at me. You were my little baby, whose tiny gorgeous fingers wrapped around my finger so tight. Now you are older. Now you are my six year old. Now you no longer wrap your small hand around my finger, but your hand fits sweetly in mine. Time has flown by. I'm not sure where it went but with positivity and certainty I say you are a beautiful little girl, smart, sure, independent (as much as Daddy and I allow you to be), kind, and thoughtful. Although you hold my hand now, there will come a day when you will no longer need my hand while crossing the street or walking down the sidewalk together. Those days for hand holding will surely be reserved for the most precious of times, such as your first heartbreak, your wedding day, and the day you realize God's beautiful plan for you. I tell you, He has something special in store for you. Hold on with steadfastness. As I have learned through the years, and as you are learning, turn your eyes toward God. He will pull you out of the darkness and in to the light every time. Be patient little one. Do not wish to be older than you are. Do not run, but walk through life, taking encouragement and joy from God's beauty given here on Earth. Little one, Daddy and I are so happy you were given to us. Once a bundle of joy, now a beautiful little girl. Happy Birthday, sweet girl. We are so happy to walk through the years with you.
With a love soaked heart on your sixth birthday,
Daddy and Mommy

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