December 7, 2011

A Pallet Project

Some time ago I shared my love of pallet projects with you wonderful people (See?). Although we had to forego the project idea for lack of proper size, it still remained fresh in our mind. Therefore when Andrew called me and said, "I have a surprise for my little Do-It-Yourselfer!", I jumped with joy to see him walk through the door with a pallet the size of an end table. Because we had no use for an end table, we decided to make a desk for Meredith to color and complete homework at (freeing up our computer area).
The process? All Andrew.

The decorations? All me.

The total price for a customized kid's desk? $50, with nearly half that amount going toward the glass tabletop. The flowers add some life, while the aluminum cans provide space for pencils and crayons, leaving the desk top clutter free. Wishing you happy projects, my do-it-yourselfers!
18 days until Christmas! Warmth and joy to all.

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