January 30, 2012

Driving 'Til My Eyes Hurt.

Over the weekend Mer and I drove for a total of 18 hours. Our butts went numb more times than are countable and Meredith screamed every time her bladder became too full (as if in one moment her brain finally realized the bladder would blow), in which case our green Escape would dash through highway traffic to find the nearest clean restroom. I must admit, finding a clean gas station to use the potty at is almost nonexistent, unless you're heading south of North Carolina. My favorite convenience store by far, and I'm saying this with complete bias, is QT. No company can compare to QT's cleanliness or ingenuity, as far as products and design go. Just you see. Check out exit 78 on Hwy 85 in South Carolina. Nothing compares to this next generation convenience store, where employees and customers are valued, baked goods are delivered daily, and you can order an espresso at the cafe counter.
How do I know about such a company? I only worked there for six years.
And now that QT is showing up across South Carolina, I make it my goal not to stop for gas until I reach one on my journey from Virginia to Georgia.

After 9 long hours in the car, Mer and I finally reached our destination: Loganville, GA. With the night sky above our head, we were able to greet family and rest our bodies on the comfy couch. And I came to this conclusion:

The next few days brought a mouth aching orthodontist appointment, celebration of a sister's birthday, cradling my adorable nephew, sitting in the children's section of the bookstore, and hugs and kisses from family.

I do miss family and friends in Georgia, but the entire weekend I spent thinking of Andrew. I missed him so. He stayed busy as a chaperone at a youth event called Acquire the Fire. It's amazing how we came to Virginia, not knowing anybody, and have now made so many wonderful friends and have found a church so loving.
Tomorrow starts the February photo-a-day challenge! You can find it here.

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