January 21, 2012

January Thinking About February.

Saturday is the morning that brings sleeping in, no appointments, no rushing, and peaceful days....for some. That would not ever be the case for myself. For those who work Mon-Friday and have weekends off, they know too well what I'm talking about. I'm talking about waking up to the mess that's accumulated throughout the work week, wishing you had enough mullah in the bank to hire a helping hand to clean the mess you don't want to clean on your Saturday off. This is not the usual for the O'Leary family. Only recently has Saturday been a designated day of cleaning, since my starting student teaching and all. I miss the day I wanted to and had the energy to make dinners and clean up afterwards too. Oh...that was only two weeks ago. But it must be done! And I will have to get it done. 
As I try to motivate myself this morning, I've found some cute things for the next "holiday" coming our way. Is it too early to be thinking of February 14th? Is February 14th overrated? Yes. But is it fun? Definitely!
Get ready 'cause you coffee lovers are going to love this Etsy find!

Absolutely adorable spoons and Jessica's Etsy shop is filled with personalized finds. Check her stuff out.
And this freebie is from jessicaNdesigns as well. Love it and love, love, love freebies!

As I waste valuable cleaning time bringing you free finds and silver spoons, I am wishing you a happy Saturday! Enjoy and I'll be back soon with fruit kabobs. Be sure to check it out.

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