January 3, 2012

A Much Needed Break...For Parents.

Here's the dirty truth: sometimes parents need a break from their kids (Gasp! Who woulda thunk??). And sometimes this break comes in the form of school (yes, your kids can learn and you can have a break too! Double gasp!).
After the long Christmas break of Mer and I resorting to Photo Booth fun (see below), baking, and crafts while Andrew moseyed off to work, I was more than exhilarated when today hit and Mer went back to school. 

Let's take a minute and discuss a real issue. Let us be real here in the blogger world, where sometimes bloggers' lives seem to be a bit surreal, and it leaves you wondering if you're the only person whose life is filled with chaos. Some parents will say that they love every minute they spend with their child or that they never need a break 'cause they just loooove their child so much, but let's be honest. I love my child, but I love my me time too. And sometimes it's necessary to have the alone time, you know that time spent only on you, so that way the time you spend with your child can be full of childlike play and less of the will-I-ever-get-a-moment-of-peace-again thoughts. 
Just to be clear, wanting time for yourself does not take away from the love you have for your child. It enhances your time together! And I seriously have enjoyed Meredith's first day back at school...relaxing while I ate eggs and drank coffee out of my favorite antique-ish coffee mug, perusing blogs like this one, all while relaxing in my cozy socks (it's very cold outside and Andrew just said he is seeing snow where he is!), never once getting up to "Momma, do this for me." It was magnificent eating my entire breakfast uninterrupted. Won-der-ful. 
Ahhhh....school. There will only be a few more days of uninterrupted breakfast time, as my student teaching begins next week. I will miss the time spent blogging, but am sure I won't neglect it too badly. And surely I will miss the time creating activities for Mer and me to do. I will miss the free time, but am glad to be moving in to my career field and finally work toward getting my degree in May! 
Happy New Year to all of you!

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Emily Habeck said...

Oh goodie, I have much to look forward to when I become a mommy. :) You are a good mommy, my friend & I'm sure Meredith knows that too.