January 20, 2012

The Pain Coming From Inside is From Pilates

Yesterday I tried something new. Andrew has always pushed me to try new things and have more of an adventurous spirit, therefore throughout our years together I have come to love many new things because of him. If you're like me and prefer doing things the way you know them, then I encourage you to step outside your box and lease and say "Yes" to those things you're missing out on. If you haven't seen Yes Man then you should. Great movie!
Yesterday I was asked by a friend to go to a Pilates class with her. At first I responded with a hesitant glare and chuckle. This is the same friend who also asked me to workout with her at 5:30 in the morning, and for whom I have actually pulled my sleepy head off it's warm, comfortable pillow for twice for this early morning exercise. After my glaring through eyelashes, I finally said I would go to the Pilates class.
Let me tell you, it's harder than you think...
You can really see the areas of your body that are weak and need more work on.
And today I have pain coming from muscles I didn't know existed 13 hours ago. Therefore, I say thank you to Kim, who introduced me to Pilates. I will be going back next Thursday to beat this thing called a weak core. Yes, weak core. I thought my core was good, but Pilates showed me up.
Because we are talking about exercise, here's a little something for ya (a Pinterest find):

Love this. Smile. This is me and sports. We don't do well together. It's a little awkward to look at.
Have a wonderful day, friends. Stay warm and try something new today!

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