January 12, 2012

The Wishing Flower

Recess: the time when classroom learning is suspended in order for kids to release their wiggles excess energy in the form of running, jumping, swinging, climbing, and picking wishing flowers. 
Wishing flowers?
You know, those fuzzy flowers that, when blown, release floating umbrella-ish pieces in the air. Yep, kids play with those at recess, and it just so happens that yesterday there was an entire field of them. The kids went crazy picking them. They gave me a handful and we all gathered together to make a wish and blow the flower to pieces. It was so sweet and they had such a great time. Mrs. D and myself wished to win the lottery (does this mean it won't come true?) and I later made a silent wish to transform into the best possible teacher over the next few weeks. Please, oh, please, let me be the best teacher I can be.
By the time recess ended, only a few lucky wishing flowers remained, the kids released their bubbled energy, and it was time for nine-week testing.
Recess surely isn't long enough.

Have a wonderful day, and make a wish or dream a sweet little dream today.

1 comment:

Emily Habeck said...

I have no doubt that you will be an amazing teacher, my friend! Have fun learning! :) Recess is never longer enough. HAHA!