February 23, 2012


There's no question about it. I need a new 'do. My hair needs some oomph factor. I've been in this "Growing Out" stage for a very long time, going from a modern bob to this longer mess. Also, I tried the Ombre look for about six months and now am ready for a richer all-over tone. The only problem is I don't trust hairstylists I've never seen work from. Before moving from GA, I had two of the best hairstylists a girl could get. With both coming from the same salon, Salon 124, I completely trusted both and one was my sister-in-law who also conveniently gave me a discount on some of the best haircuts ever. There's no getting past the fact that I've been a very lucky lady to be so blessed with my fabulous (no seriously, she's like a shorter Kim Kardashian) sister hairstylist. So if you're ever in the Grayson area and want a stylist who knows her stuff, call Salon 124 and ask for Deanna. You won't regret it.
Moving on...this is my issue: I have grey strands popping up in this cluster in the middle of my head and I cannot side swipe enough to cover it up. My eyes about popped out of my head upon recognizing these enemies. Aren't grey hairs supposed to happen to people older than 40?? Seriously! I'm only 26 years old! Something must be done, yet I do not know of a reputable salon to go to in the Suffolk-Virginia Beach area. Any suggestions?? I desperately need suggestions. And I don't want to spend a fortune. 

Help me out here...

So, which one do you like for me? I'm not sure which I like best, but am leaning toward number 1 or 3. 
Plus, Meredith needs a cut too. Her hair has gotten so long, and also has grown from a bob to a mess.
It sucks being in desperate need of a cut and not trusting anybody except those who are too far away to call. This is all part of the transition from GA to VA though, and another thing that will need to be worked out. Now in search of a stylist. And a little scared...

Coming soon: Stuffed cabbage!! Seriously...It's so yummy.


Christie (At Sixes & Sevens) said...

I like #1, it's lovely.

O'Leary Time said...

I agree! I'm leaning toward that one.