February 4, 2012

One Sweet Day.

The sweet smell of chocolate brownies fills our home on this very night. They're not just any ordinary brownie, and definitely not from a box. These brownies are S'more Brownies. That's right. Chocolatey, sticky, marshmallowy, fudgy, graham crackery packed goodness. Don't you wish you were here at this very moment? Take a moment to soak up all that...ok. The good news is that you can have it too. Biiiig smile. Right here (the woman is amazing!).

As I reflect on the day with my family, and as their mouths are filled with s'more brownie goodness, the only thing that comes to mind is how overwhelmed with love and gratitude I am to have been able to spend a day solely with them. So much of our time is spent with coworkers, new friends, and afterwards, sleeping away our tired bones. Therefore, when days come that fail to bring appointments, Bible studies, and get-togethers, it's those same days that never fail to bring something else: quality time between the three of us. I love spending time solely with Andrew and Mer. They bring me joy. And I love seeing Andrew with Meredith. There's nothing like seeing a father with his little girl. It's a joy to see, as I have always tried to recreate those moments in my head of my father and myself, so young and impressionable and so in love with my dad. But I do not have many memories of my dad, since he passed when I was about 6 years old, the same age Meredith is now. Hmmmm. I can only wonder if I gave my dad as many sweet laughs as Meredith gave Andrew today. It's beautiful. And lovely the way she looks to him for guidance, her beautiful hazel eyes always keeping an eye on her daddy's next move so she can follow. Today especially, I'm thankful to be a parent with a beautiful little girl and a husband who is such an amazing dad.

So, as I am reflecting on the joys of parenthood, let me tell you...we had an adventurous day! We window shopped, and even tried out a few reclining chairs. They were the best reclining chairs I've ever sat my cold booty in. Meredith was the first to teach us of the awesomeness of these things. She plopped down, and found the reclining button all lit up in blue on the cup holder. Say what!! That's right, on the cupholder. Touch it, and the chair reclines. Touch again, and it goes back to normal position. How cool is that!! Except, the set of three were $1300. So, we kept on a walkin'...

We decided, and by the look on Andrew's face as he reclined so comfy in the chair, that we need to get these...when we are rich.

Next, we window shopped right in to Firehouse Subs. Only the best sub place on the planet! It was delicioso! And Mer, of course, had a blast being a firewoman putting out fires all over the place. It was "Look, Mom, Dad! I'm putting out a fire!" And that continued for the rest of the night, at WalMart, in the car, and the time between putting away groceries and making brownies. Here's what she'd say: Ring, Ring!
There's a fire and I need a firewoman to put it out!
Zoom, zoom, zoom! (water spraying sounds)
Thank you, Firewoman!
NO problem. If you need me again, just call.

Amazing firewoman + sweet husband + s'more brownies = One Wonderful Day.

Hope your day was as sweet as the O'Leary's.


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