February 2, 2012

Running On Eeeeee.

Today I have been running on nothing but fumes. I woke up not feeling so well, with a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, sneezing all over the place, and what could I do about it? Absolutely nothing, except to take allergy medicine and run out the door. Should I also mention that Mer and I were running behind schedule this morning? Well, we were. She wanted to sleep in late. She didn't want to wake up. I rushed in and out of her room five times to see if I could get those hazel eyes to crack a peep while I sneezed, coughed, and rushed around like a madwoman. All of my, "Mer, time to wake up!" was good for nothing. To top it all off...she was my inspiration this morning. She's so calm and precious when she sleeps. Boy oh boy do I miss the baby days of quietly tip-toeing to the crib, sneaking a peak of her in silent admiration.
Here's my inspiring picture for the day.

We did finally make it to school after sleepy head awoke. School went well and the kids wore me out, as usual, with their exuberance and constant questioning about everything. I swear a child thinks up more questions than a philosopher. Today the kids learned about different kinds of animals and their distinctions. When discussing mammals, a book was read that said mammals give birth to babies, who then drink milk from the momma. Then I asked if people are mammals, which I immediately regretted. Because one child said "No, because mommas don't have milk for their babies to suck out." Really?? What am I to say?? Well, yes, dear little one, mothers do let kids suck on their boob for milk. No. I didn't say that. All that was said is that humans are mammals because mothers do produce milk for their little ones. And if they wanted to know how, then they'd have to ask their parents. Yeah...
When school ended and Mer and I got home, I purposely avoided cleaning the house. We made a tent instead. And it was definitely more fun to do than clean.

I learned that there are no shoes allowed in the tent. And I also learned that Ariel sheets are the best ones to use for tent making. Who doesn't love Ariel? 

I hope all of you are having a wonderful afternoon and are not spending too much time concentrating on cleaning, but spending valuable time with the ones you love. Now off to make some dinner for the hardest working man I know. 

And here are the received photos for day 2 of the February Photo-A-Day Challenge!!!


Deanna Wages said...

we used to LOVE making tents when we were little!

Ana Eugénio said...

thank you for joining 'Earth Wonders' this week. have a good weekend. xxo