February 13, 2012

This is Crock!

Meet Crock. Crock-Pot, that is.

I've been wanting this amazing food maker since I moved to VA, which means about 6 months. And only a month or so did I voice my concern over the issue of needing one. I'm glad my husband was listening. Because he walked in the house Saturday with the box in tow after spending Friday night with a couple other men who thought it best to shop for their wives and daughters valentine gifts together. Must take three men to pick out good great gifts for their ladies. Nevertheless, Happy Valentine's Day to me! YAYYYYYY, CROCK POT RECIPES HERE I COME!
And Meredith got a brand new piggy bank, replacing her birthday paper wrapped shoe box.

To make the night even more exciting, we went out to get a few things and what did we find falling from the sky but a shower of snow. Large white chunks of fluffiness falling on our heads. We were in awe. We were amazed. The parking lots cleared out as if there was a flood headed our way. But most of you know, Southerners do not do snow. It causes traffic jams, unnecessary slow driving, and school closings if there's an inch on the ground. Why couldn't that have happened during the school week?

It literally snowed for maybe five to ten minutes, then it stopped and we were a little sad about the sky's unwillingness to release more fluffy happiness.
Nevertheless, we made it home safely, woke up for church the next day, and I prepared our first Crock-Pot dinner for three: Pot Roast. It was delicious. I love my husband!!! There are times and Valentine's Days when I feel like he doesn't listen to my wants, but this time he scored...nice.


Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!

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