March 2, 2012

Hmmm...What Shall We Do?

Lord knows the O'Learys love some pallet projects! Once again we have decided to turn a pallet into a unique piece of furniture; one suiting our exact needs and wants. We've struggled in finding a coat rack befitting our personal needs (closet space is lacking in our place) and space. A stand alone coat rack would look too awkward and not have enough room for all of our coats/backpacks/scarves, therefore our solution appeared to me one evening in what many call a lightbulb moment. Why not repurpose a pallet and use the metal hooks attached to our stand-alone coat rack (about to meet it's death in the dumpster) for the pallet? It could totally work, I just knew it! Andrew was reluctant, but he can never lay to rest a truly unique idea, and he began putting the vision together.
Here's how it turned out.

One truly unique piece of furniture for our insanely unique dwelling. Oh, the things you can do with a pallet and a little imagination. Now we have a place for all our coats, backpacks, and scarves (or most of them at least).

Speaking of unique, we have a skylight in our apartment. Yesterday morning the sun lit up our kitchen and my cold toes, the day before was the beautiful song of raindrops against the window panes, and last night was the silhouette of the moon shining it's brilliance for us to see. I feel so lucky to be in this place with my sweet husband and daughter.
Our skylight.

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