April 9, 2012

A Beautiful Ride.

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Of late I've been in no mood to write or do much of anything. Worry consumed my mind. Daily contemplation over my soon to be profession plagued me. 
Do I want to be a teacher?
Is this what I live for? 
If school could be all about crafts, reminiscing through Patricia Polacco's childhood days, and creating lovely little things to adorn hand-painted walls, then wouldn't all of us choose to be a teacher?
Truth be told...don't cry when you learn of this either...I don't want to be the bearer of bad news...
Being a teacher is not all about crafts, rummaging through children's books, and hanging pretty little things on the wall. Maybe all that is reserved for the less serious, carefree, jean wearing, child-loving, walk in the park nanny type.
Here's the thing though. I've given it over to The One who can direct my path and change my attitude about the road to come. Life is a beautiful ride (poster from irocksowhat.com) and fortunately I have Autopilot. Therefore, as of yesterday (Easter day, mind you) I've given my cares to A.P., enjoying from hence forth the journey and relying on the fact that I can only see a small part of a huge canvas. All will unravel in due time, and worry only takes away joy.

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