April 26, 2012

Classroom Muse.

I'm beginning this new series about the crazy things seen in the classroom. I enjoy kids and the laughter they can bring, but also the serious depth they have as well. If you sit back and watch children, you'll be amazed at how incredibly strong their little personalities are and how they know more than you think.
So yesterday I spent some time in a second grade classroom, just to see how different teachers of different grades manage students and to find some techniques used. In this particular classroom I walked in, sat down, took out my notebook and began drawing, which is how the picture above came about. I'm no Picasso but I think I did fairly well. ; )
As I sat there drawing and listening to the kids, as sometimes it's better to listen with your ears than with your eyes, something caught my attention and I looked up just in time to see more students returning to the classroom. There was one student who, with her nose in her book, walked directly to her seat and stood there for about 10 minutes reading intently. I was amazed at how young the love of reading can start. I remember vividly, as if it were yesterday, that my oldest brother was the same way in his love for reading. He would walk to the bus, sit down, and the entire ride home he would have his nose in a book...and probably a Tom Clancy novel at that.
The young girl's love for reading in that momentary observation inspired me to begin this series on Classroom Muses. It's too often people only focus on the incredibly bad things that happen in the classroom instead of on the good. This series will bring light to the good things that happen in the classroom. And to start, a picture that inspired me.

Have a blessed day and stop to find the good things in your day.

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