April 10, 2012


Easter. Andrew, Mer, and I spent Easter at our pastor's house, which led to lots of laughter, lounging on the back porch in the crisp sun, and thought provoking conversation. Not to mention, absurd amounts of coffee and food. There were so many friends there and we couldn't have asked for a better way to spend the day. It reminded me of being in my Momma's comforting kitchen or my mother-in-law's picturesque backyard with family surrounding. The feeling was so comforting.
As we lounged on the back porch, conversation turned to prayer and communication with God. Interestingly enough, the pastor's son put it so simply. Prayer is any time or moment you are communicating with God. Then I was reminded of the poster above, meant for Valentine's Day for your mate, but I thought fit perfectly about prayer and communication with God. 
"I thought about you once today and I never stopped." 
Simply put. You are communicating with God more often than you think. Now that is comforting.

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