April 23, 2012

A Gift.

My student teaching is coming to an end and I can say with pure honesty that it has been a great experience. The children I work with are truly amazing. My kids (yes, my kids because I know their little quirks and what makes them tick) are full of personality. They make me smile, laugh, pop-eyed at what their little mouths and big brains can come up with, and I am always surprised by the strength they have.
Because I'll miss them so much in four days when this is over (or just beginning?), I'm planning a little something for them. After all, those crazy smart first graders helped train me. They put me through the ringer, tested my authority to be sure I was legit, and sometimes flat out ignored me. Those kids tested me to be sure I wouldn't give up on them and let them have their way. Lord knows, letting people have their own way is not always the best way. Children will challenge you to make sure you stand strong in what you believe and will mull over you at the first sign of weakness.
For all those little ones taught me...I think I'm going to give them these sweet treats with a big taste.

As much as the little ones taught me, I learned just as much or even more from the teacher I worked with. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher to work with and show me the ropes. At first things were a little awkward. I inched my way into the classroom, a little uncertain and extremely afraid. I was afraid of the responsibility and the great care that comes with teaching. Many times I have wondered if I am made for this. With apprehension I slowly took over more and more in the classroom. Many times I wondered if my brain would *POP* with all the information day in and day out. Luckily, I made it. I've made it and I still enjoy it more now than when I first began. And on May 4th I will graduate, thanks to the guidance of my teacher and the 18 little teachers who occupy room 405 on the first grade hallway.
For my teacher, a little gift of gratitude, which will never be enough (I'm still undecided on which I really want to do):

Teacher's Treats: to share or not to share found here

Pencil Holder design found here

I would say "'Orange' you glad we survived Student Teaching!", found here

Teacher Treat Basket found here

Just a little something to show my appreciation for the helpful hints that unlock the goodness of teaching a managed classroom of youngsters. 
Now it's time to relax and praise God for bringing me through this time of transition....it's almost done!!!! As of May 4th, 2012, I will be a graduate with a degree in Early Childhood Education!

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