April 24, 2012

Missing Mr. O.

Date night, please!

Yesterday I had a super huge attitude with Mr. O. I wanted to go shopping because shopping is my stress reliever. I got out of school around 5 and found out that I might need to do more work for my university back in GA before I graduate on May 4th. I was so annoyed because I'm supposed to be done with all the crap from the university and I'm supposed to be waiting in excitement and relaxing with the fact that everything is D-O-N-E. Well, apparently I was wrong. It seems like these people from the university simply can't get their junk together. I bust my butt to get things done in a weeks time while other students have had an entire semester. It's annoying. I'm annoyed with the people I'm paying who sit at their cozy desks in a sweet university office, who have failed to keep me informed during this process when they said they would.
That was the case yesterday. By the time Mr. O got home I was tiiiiiiicked off. And I just wanted to shoooooop. And he just wanted to see me. Which means he didn't want me to shop. And that made me a little mad. I needed to get out, be with my own thoughts in a department store, take a little weight off my shoulders, have a little retail therapy.
Truth be told, I miss Mr. O. As much as I wanted to get out and go shopping last night, a lot of my anxiety has come from worrying about not spending enough time with him because of how busy our lives are. With my upcoming graduation I finally felt like I could get back to serving him the way I enjoy, such as making dinners, keeping the house clean, and simply being his wife without extra thoughts running circles in my head about what I need to get done for school. As much as I love being a teacher, I love also being a house wife and making my family's concerns a number one priority. I don't care if that sounds primitive, something a woman from the 1940s would say. I enjoy being able to serve my family, especially since he works so hard for Mer and me.
I've really wanted to spend quality time together. Just Mr. O and myself. A night of adult-isms, good food, high heels, a little black dress, and my husband holding my hand as we walk our way into a movie theater. That's it.
So yesterday when all my walls came crashing in and I just wanted to get out...all I really wanted was to finally be done with my university drama and have a date night with Mr. O, preferably in the setting above. How awesome would that be?
Have a wonderful Tuesday and get out there and have a date night with your Mr. or Mrs.

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