April 12, 2012

The Season of Growth.

Spring is the season of growth. Trees regain their green, beautiful flowers pop up all around, and people head outdoors to savor the the sun's rays and welcome the cool breezes. I admit there's something refreshing and rejuvenating about being outdoors during this season as the sun warms the earth once again. Some of my favorite moments take place in the sun, sitting on a porch or taking a walk down a tree-lined street with loved ones. Nothing beats the beauty of Spring and the new life it brings {maybe except the beauty of Autumn, which I happen to be in love with as well}.
Speaking of love and new life, I have a wonderful announcement.
My sister and my best friend are both pregnant. =D
It's so odd they are pregnant at the same time.
Two people whom I both consider my sister and my best friend...pregnant.
How amazing!
First, let me begin with Emily's story (only because I have pictures of her pregnancy announcement).

Aric and Emily met in Atlanta, GA, where soon after were pregnant and married. Now, Emily was the oldest of 20 something children (ok, that might be an exaggerated number). She was basically a mother from childhood, helping take care of younger siblings. One thing I know for sure is that Emily was created to be a mom. So when we became friends in 2004, she shared with me her heart-tugging story of being pregnant and delivering her first baby {Ashton}, who was born without a heartbeat. My heart crushed for her. And soon after our friendship blossomed, I became pregnant. She was a major source of strength and happiness during my pregnancy. With all those mood swings and teary-eyed moments, she was there to comfort me and give me candies and chocolates (specifically Hershey Treasures *smile*).
Before my due date, Emily and Aric announced they would soon be moving to Colorado to begin their dreams of owning a coffee shop. Emily and I shed tears over her upcoming departure, with her promise of coming back for my delivery and to help with Meredith the first week. And she kept her promise.
I will never forget how special it was to have her there during that important time.
And I can't wait to do the same for her.
So now, years later, Emily is expecting. I couldn't be more excited for her and Aric. There is just something about this woman people see...kindness, grace, mercy, love...all these things that testify to how great a mother she will be.
With love and prayer, keep Emily and her little olive in your thoughts.
(soon to come, my sister's announcement photos!)

On the other hand, I made a special treat yesterday.
Orange Vanilla Bean Cupcakes.

Friends from Wednesday night Bible study loved it, but I wasn't impressed. I felt like the cupcake was too dense, so if you make it, reduce baking time a little and don't over mix the flour or possibly reduce the amount of flour. Recipe found here.

Happy Thursday!!!

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