May 29, 2012

Cowboys and Indians...and a Twin Birthday

Picture it...
The sun beats down on your face, feeding the happy little bursts of brown on your nose once again. Ahhh, those freckled spots grow more and more countless every summer. Today will surely bring more out from hiding. As you worry about the heat and the magic it's performing on your reddening skin, people around gather to watch the traditional dances that are so native to this land. In a large circle people wait patiently, their giggles of excitement filling the air and trickling from ear to ear. Sweat beads down the nape of your neck as you turn to part mouth, exhaling softly into the perfectly still air. You long for the breeze from the trees to silence the tears your skin can't stop crying. Why does the sun beat so furiously today? It's best not to focus on the heat at hand.
You look around and find more and more people gathering and dancers with colorful native costumes are lining up to begin the opening ceremony. Wow. What amazingly colorful intricate and heavy looking in this mind numbing weather. Feathers, hair pieces, beads, and leather adorn these people. They look perfectly in place, as if they were always meant to wear these things, be here in this place, and dance these dances. The drums begin to roar and there is now only faces to be seen around the circle.
Each dancer represents the grace and tradition with which the native indians move and have moved since the beginning of their time. The drums strike and each dancer steps their brown leather slipper to each heart beat. The ladies bring beauty and grace to each step while the men are strong and fierce.
With each step the dancers beckon onlookers to enter in to the once feared native practices. Fear no longer. Open your eyes to what you don't see. Do not be scared of the unknown. If only that were true so long ago.
As the dancers make their way around the circle, keeping in step with the beat, your mind is taken away from the heat of the day and only focuses on the beautifully intricate nature of the native indian culture. Soon enough the drums stop and a speaker comes to the mic to honor veterans of this country. He calls all men and women who have served for this country to make their way to the circle. So many men fill the circle. Some are dressed in native american wear, while others wear jeans and a shirt. All people of all color and race line the circle and the crowd begins to clap clap clap, not only for the people who choose to fight for our country, but because this country has grown to be a diverse community of people who stand together for this country. All ages, race, religion. It is a Memorial Day celebration.

It was such an amazing experience to see some of the traditional dances of the native american people. I do have some Cherokee in my bloodline, so this was an eye opener and such a great way to spend time with friends and family.

Now...on to the Twin Birthday.
Today is my sister and my birthday!
Leslie is my twin sister and I'm so excited to share this day with her. It's true when people say that a twins are like yin and yang. Leslie and I are complimentary opposites. We get each other. As children we didn't always see eye to eye, but as adults we are inseparable in heart. My sister encourages, loves unconditionally, and speaks her mind the way I often find I can't. She loves wholly and deeply, something I'd say we get from our mom. She is forever a romantic with the most beautiful cursive handwriting you will ever see. I adore and envy her writing abilities. I keep telling her that she should capitalize on it and make greeting cards or a downloadable font for the world to share in her beautiful writing. Her bright green eyes show you the complexity and beauty of her soul. My beautiful twin sister. I miss and love her.
I love my sister deeply and could never imagine life without her. I would never want to imagine it. She has an exciting 27th year ahead. She will be a mother this year and words cannot express the excitement I hold for her.
Happy Birthday to my sweet sweet sister! I'm so lucky to share this day with you. You bring joy to my heart.

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