May 1, 2012

Foggy Mirror Messages.

In the morning when I finish my shower and step out, I try so very hard for my toes to reach the rug instead of the oh so cold tiled floor. I can think of nothing worse in the morning than having cold toes. I believe the feeling is comparable to a foot that's "asleep," with the tingling and immovability. Therefore, when I finish my shower and make it to the rug to brush my teeth, I'm good.
Then I look up to find my foggy mirror message. Andrew leaves them for me all the time because he wakes up way earlier than me. This is somewhat like a secret message because only Andrew and I can see it. Friends that visit would never be able to tell, unless they stayed the night and took a shower. I am reminded of this secret message every morning. Whether it changes or not, I don't mind, and it always makes me smile. Nevertheless, it's our message of love. There are times when, throughout the days work, we forget that secret message. Between school, work, soccer practice, gym, grocery shopping, homework, house cleaning, dirty laundry, conference calls, and exhaustion, we sometimes lose focus of that message.
But every morning I'm reminded again.

Remind your spouse or loved one that you love them with a foggy mirror message.

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