May 31, 2012

Fun with Chalkboard Paint & Glass.

Today I experimented with chalkboard spray paint and glass. I've had this crazy obsession with chalkboard paint for a while and even had the spray paint sitting in the cabinet for months, yet with no motivation whatsoever to use it. Over the weekend Andrew, Mer, and I will be visiting family in GA and I'll be taking photographs of my sister as sort of a pregnancy announcement photo shoot. I'm super excited and decided I needed to make some props for her. I bought a pair of baby shoes at Goodwill, along with a neutral green and white striped onesie to use as props. The above mentioned chalkboard paint and glass will also be a prop...along with another chalkboard item. It's all the rage. =) Needless to say, I found motivation.
Take a look at these lovely little glasses that will soon be filled with southern sweet tea and striped paper straws.

Awesomeness. Have a lovely Friday.

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