May 21, 2012

Hat Auction.

Saturday was a very busy day. Waking up early, I began the day making a dip for the hat auction and purse exchange at the church. Mer and I got all dolled up and headed over to the church to socialize with some great ladies who never fail to make me smile. My beautiful little girl was a model for the hat auction, and apparently the highlight of the show. I admit...she was adorable with her cute little turn and pretty smile. Awesomeness. Here are some highlights.

 I kept aiming to buy a hat or two for Meredith to have tea parties with but she decided she didn't want one. I guess her vision of a tea party is not the same as mine, although she does use a very funny sounding British accent during her tea cute.
I hope your weekend went well and that you had some good fun as I did.

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