May 5, 2012

Having a Baby... my just plain weird. If I scared you because of the title of this message, please forgive me. Hehe. It was my really scary attempt at creating an attention grabbing post title. Sorry.
Anyway, I spent half my day yesterday watching lil baby Ella, which left me full of insecurities. She is adorable and we sat on the comfy couch watching Elmo play with his Sesame Street friends for a few minutes, but she hardly ate anything and she couldn't exactly pronounce words in normal English. I believe she alternated between sorts of Spanish and Japanese words, leaving me completely unaware as to the wants of this adorable child. I would ask if she was hungry, she would say...something..., then I heated up her spaghetti thinking she would actually eat it, when in fact she just spat it directly back into the bowl. She made that face...that disgusted face, like Why would you ever make me eat such a thing?? 
Having a baby at your house, in your care, who doesn't eat hardly anything can make you freak out. There were moments when I literally stared at her and begged her to eat. Poor thing had to be hungry! 
But we moved on and had a photo shoot. I couldn't resist. Baby Ella enjoyed dressing up and seeing her picture on the big computer screen. Can we say movie star in the making?? =)

I had a great time with her, even if she couldn't tell me what she wanted and even if I sorta panicked and pleaded with her to eat something. It was interesting having a baby in my house and arms once again. Hmmmm...

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