May 18, 2012

Life is Fragile.

Life is fragile, easily broken and damaged. 
Yesterday at Meredith's soccer practice I learned of the death of one child's mom. I was shocked...taken aback like a strong wind aimed to take me off my feet. Everything in that moment stopped. Emotions swirled across my body: confusion, sadness, pity, unbelief, and disappointment. It was only a few days ago that this mom and I were on the same field, everything seemingly fine. She screamed her soccer mom cries, saying, "Go Avery! Great kick!" or some other positive remark to one of the other kids. She was always positive and sweet with the kids, and I could tell she was a good mother by the way she gently cared for her children. She was tall, thin, beautiful. 
How could this person who was fine only a few days ago be gone today? How could her children now be left without the loving mother they needed? Why does cancer ruin everything?
She had cancer. The doctors removed it all. She went in for a routine round of chemotherapy. Her heart stopped. It gave out. It just couldn't take it anymore. 
But my point is this. 
Life is fragile.
You never know when this very day will be your last.
As I explained the situation to Mer yesterday, she reminded me of something very important.
She said, "I'm so glad that we have God. At least I know He is taking care of Avery's mom now."
How perfect.
Keep this family in your prayers.

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