May 25, 2012

Mommy and Me Photograph Friday.

Meredith loves the camera and the camera loves her. I looove taking pictures of her because she is a natural. From the beginning of her little 8 pound 1 ounce life, I began documenting her in every way possible with me constantly behind the camera. Then I began to really enjoy being behind the camera, capturing every detail of life. Of late I've noticed that pictures with her in it are usually pictures of her alone or with other people. And it made me a little sad. I think one day she will grow up and ask why we didn't have enough pictures together, just Mommy and me. 
But the ugly truth is I hate seeing myself in pictures. The camera loves Mer, but not me so much. I perceive myself one way and the camera ruins it, so I became tired and too disappointed to get in front of the camera. I hated my shadowy, imperfect, unstraight smile (which is why I now have braces) and the way people with a camera managed to take the worst, most horrific, fattest side of you pictures. Furthermore, that these people with horrible picture taking skills would then upload the uuuugliest ones of you on Facebook, and even worse, tag you in them! So I choose my moments in front of a camera carefully. I ask myself, Will this be a full body shot? Is the lighting going to make me look tired? Is this going to be up on FB!? Yep...these are things I consider. That's how much I dread the camera. 
As this realization of the lack of Mommy and Me pictures settled in yesterday, I decided to solve that problem. These might not be the best shots of the two of us and it's not by a professional (my Mac Photo Booth will have to do) but I don't want to miss out on memory making with my sweet girl. I want her to be able to look back and say, That's my mom right there in that picture with me making a goofy face and look how much fun we're having. That's right. So here are Meredith and my Mommy and Me pictures.

Have a beautiful Friday and I hope you have an extra long weekend with Memorial Day coming up.
My birthday is on Tuesday...May 29th, and I have to think of something to do for my twin sister...hmmm...

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