May 3, 2012

My Cup of Joe.

This is for real my coffee cup this morning.

As I sipped my coffee this morning and just after I got off the phone with my beautiful ice cream and pickles eating BFF, I began wondering what I'm going to do now that student teaching is finally finished (YAYY!!) and I graduate with a bachelors in early childhood education tomorrow. That's right people,
T-O-M-O-R-R-O-W I will officially be a degree holding twenty-something year old who still is unsure as to what direction these too-large-for-my-body feet should go in. Degrees do not equal a straight and narrow path, nor does it ensure happiness or certainty. And right about now I am feeling very uncertain, which I'm sure most graduates are inclined to feel.
You might remember the post where I wrote about really wanting to just be a wife and mom who serves her family and takes care of the homely responsibilities. Well, that feeling still hasn't gone away, but now I'm taking it a bit further and thinking of what else I really enjoy doing. Yes, I enjoy teaching (although I despise the hoops teachers must jump through), but I really enjoy writing too. Writing has always been a love of mine and I always believed that one day I would write a novel of some sorts.
Although my passion for writing remains, my intentions are slowly redirecting from novels toward children's books. I love children's books and I'm just NOT one of those people who can thoughtfully create a 200 page book, so novels might be out of the question. It's children's books that I've seen in my life have an enchanting effect on people of all ages. Kids and adults alike gain great satisfaction from  children's books.
So maybe, just maybe, I can begin conjuring up a plot for a series of children's books. This is all so exciting and nervously scary at the same time. This is the next phase of life that has crept up so slowly and come on so speedily.
This is the question:

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