May 13, 2012

My Mother.

There are times when I truly and deeply miss my mom. She is in Georgia while I am here in Virginia. Need I say more? 
With it being Mother's Day, I wanted to take time to introduce my mom. She is the one person who has influenced the woman and mother I am today. Everything I am I owe to her, God, and my dad (who passed of cancer when I was only 6 years old)...but mostly just her and God. 
Here are the things I know to be true about my mom.
  1. She is beautiful, gorgeous even...but she doesn't know it yet.
  2. She's had a life filled with difficulties I've only heard of, and don't want to imagine, yet she continues to brighten the world with her smile.
  3. She believes in people. All people. She is filled with grace and mercy.
  4. She is AMAZING with children. She just has that...way about her that brings out the life-size imagination in every child she meets. I want this...
  5. She is worth so much more than she gives herself credit for.
  6. She loves deeply and unconditionally.
  7. She wears her emotions on her sleeve.
  8. She will go above and beyond for any person she meets. She is committed to people.
  9. She is a giver in all ways: time, effort, gifts...everything.
  10. She can be stubborn. Very, very stubborn. Mom's always right...right?
  11. She is forever Mom...always directing and guiding.
  12. She forever wants her children to stay children. This is her way of holding on because she doesn't want to lose us. Like I said, she loves deeply.
  13. She is a caregiver. She is the person I call when I'm sick. She knows what to do, say, and it is during this time she is at her quietest, working diligently to bring relief and love to the situation. She always makes me feel better in times of weakness and sickness.
  14. In my times of weakness she has proved her strength, keeping me on the straight and narrow (so grateful for that).
  15. She is a talking parent and has been since my youth. There was never a subject too sensitive for her. I love that she did that.

My mom.

As a child, the strength of my love for my mom could not be measured. She was the one I looked up to. She was beautiful and perfect and the best mom ever, and nobody could've told me any differently. In my mind she was like a queen. In the beginning, before even me, I believe my dad was her king. He was her partner, the one God sent for her. Even she didn't know it until after they were married, and then they were inseparable. They were like two sixteen year olds, forever in love (which is probably why they had 5 children together) and ever devoted to each other. He was the best for her and treasured her like no other. He treated her like the queen he knew her to be, and the queen she has yet to realize she is. But my dad died too young. The cancer was relentless and in his early thirties, my dad left this world and a grieving wife behind. An image of her lying in a hospital bed beside his still, cold body for hours consumes my mind. I've only recently heard this story of my dad passing away in a hospital bed and my mom clinging to his body, hoping he'd somehow return. In this moment I only have sympathy and compassion for the loss my young mother experienced. I love her so much for what she's learned and how much she's grown from being young, afraid, and inexperienced to strong, beautiful, and wise. 
Today I believe that my mom is still the best mom, for me at least, teaching me so much about life, the ways of God, and the ways of love. I have nothing but love for her. I hope she knows how beautiful and lovely she is. I want the best for her in everything and wish I could be there to celebrate this day with her and with my daughter. I love you, Mom.
To all you moms out there and to all who will be moms...

Happy Mother's Day.

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