May 19, 2012

Super Awesome Saturday!

Today is going to be awesome! I can feel it in the air. The sun is out and it's going to be a beautiful day (sometimes you have to speak it!). Today will be filled with lots of friends as Meredith and I will be heading to a hat auction and purse exchange at the church with some very cool women and beautiful models (the girls are modeling the hats and Mer is one of them. Yay!).

Also, today is the last day of soccer. The season will conclude with a game and a party for the kids and pizza is most definitely involved. Awesomeness. 
Then there's a birthday party for a young and super cute boy named Ethan. He is absolutely adorable.

On the flipside, I've been playing with a website called Polyvore. You can create a clothing collage, complete with shoes, accessories, and a wide variety of clothing options. Here are some examples I've put together. I thought Polyvore was a great choice for putting clothing options together without me actually purchasing other words, it would keep me from wanting to shop, but in return it just made me want to go shopping even more. Hmp. But it is fun and if you get the time to check it out and put your own outfits together, it's great fun.

Also, I wanted to take the time to announce the Bath and Body Works giveaway!
The lucky winner is Rachel!
I hope you enjoy your gift.

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