May 4, 2012

Walking With My Camera: Photograph Friday!

This has been a quiet week, devoid of the ruckus and snickering from little bodies whose feet dare them to move from their cozy seat. I have only slyly and slowly poked my disheveled, Sandra Bullock circa 1995 hair (think While You Were Sleeping) inside a classroom once this week. It has been unbearably silent (chirp, chirp, chirp) but surprisingly comforting being with my own thoughts.
Today I will be alone most the day, as Mer will be off after school to a sleepover. Oh, how I remember those days. Knobby-kneed girls giggling through loose toothed smiles. My twin sister and I have many memories for each night of our childhood together, stirring up smiles, anger, imagination, trouble, and deep bellied laughter. Those were good great times. Unforgettable. Although Mer has no siblings (not yet at least), we have made great church friends who also have young girls, which I'm so thankful for.
So, yes, Andrew will be off to a concert and Mer to a sleepover and I will be hanging out with some girlfriends, doing Lord knows what. I haven't had a night alone in....I can't remember when. I will surely miss them.
Today though I will be babysitting until school is over with. I call her Baby Ella, a super cute 1.5 year old, whose skin glows in the sun and whose curly hair constantly gets the attention of my fingers. So maybe we can have a little photo shoot with Baby Ella! Or maybe I'll just be running around frantically because I've forgotten what it's like to take care of a little one.
Below are pictures of my camera walk yesterday. I walked through my downtown area because I love walking through the tree lined streets with the old buildings and homes telling their stories of love and loss. It's a plus that I only live a few minutes from these places.
Have a beautiful Friday!!

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