June 25, 2012

Baby Makin'.

Since my sister is preggers, I've been wondering what her baby will look like. Will it look like her or her husband? Will it have blonde or brown hair. Brock has blonde hair and Leslie has really dark hair. They both have light colored eyes...Leslie's are a beautiful green and Brock's a gorgeous blue. So their child is bound to have breathtaking eyes either way. I'd heard a while back that there's a baby picture generator, so I found it online and plugged in my sister and her hubby's picture.

And Voila!! 

She is going to have a girl most likely (info via ultrasound tech), and according to www.makemebabies.com, this is what their lil one will look like. I must say, she looks more like Brock. I wonder if that'll truly be the case...
I was having so  much fun with this that I decided to generate a picture of Andrew and my next child. Could be a girl or boy. Nobody knows. If ever we do have another...which is probably never. 

Andrew and I would make cute babies...I always tell him that. The one we have is beautiful and I think Andrew is a great dad and needs a boy in his life.

There are similarities between the girl above and Mer. The eyes are the biggest difference, but the nose and lips are exactly the same. But what happened to their eyebrows!?? It's like they were forgotten during the process.

You should try it! It sure is a lotta fun..especially if you don't have children and wanna know what your children would look like. You can even choose a celebrity photo as a partner and generate what your celebrity baby would look like. How fun!

Have a beautiful day!

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