June 19, 2012

Baby Shower Ideas.

So I'm planning my sister's baby shower. She thinks she is having a girl and she has told almost everybody this tidbit, with some confirmation from ultrasound pictures, but I am a little bummed because a gender reveal baby shower would be soooo much fun! So here are some ideas for her baby shower. She loves orange shades and she loves reading books, therefore these ideas are perfect for her. The only problem is...I need mason jars to drink out of at the shower. And I know people give these away all the time, and they can be a fortune to buy. Let me know if you have any you're giving away. =) *origination of ideas found on my Pinterest page*

Gender Neutral theme.

Book themed Shower.

Tutu inspired theme.

For guests to sign.

Decoration: Balloons taped to the wall.

Perfect for a book lover.
Love this for a book lover.

Would use pregnancy announcement picture.

Cut, fold, place in mason jar on table. Great conversation starters.

Keep bugs out of drinks. Perfect!

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