June 4, 2012

Counting the Miles.

This past weekend was so busy. On Friday we drove to Georgia, an 8.5 hour trip, and made it by 1, which means we left our house at around 4:30 in the A-M. We didn't even stop to take a nap upon arrival, but gobbled down some coffee in hopes to spend every daylight hour with family. My awesome momma-in-law gave me a nice graduation/birthday gift, so the sisters (in-law) and I headed to my afternoon orthodontist appointment with high hopes of shopping afterward. At the orthodontist it was decided that the braces would be removed on June 29th (only 25 days away!!), which caused a permanent smile on my face for the next few hours and every time the exciting news came to mind. I am smiling now as I write it. =)
We shopped for the rest of the afternoon at some of my favorite stores in the Snellville area. It was so nice being able to spend time with my sister-in-laws. I reminisced over past events with them and all the great times we've had. My heart has grown so fond over our memories together and my love for them has grown even stronger since moving to VA. It's true...when you move away time spent with loved ones becomes even more valuable. I love these ladies. God has so much in store for their lives.
Saturday came too soon, and with the morning light I was awake and headed to my mom's house to take pictures of my sister and her husband. This was a pregnancy announcement photo op. I enjoyed it so much and they made me laugh so hard. Here are the results:

It was bittersweet being in Georgia again. I was reminded of how much I miss family and how important they are in my life. Not only my life, but Andrew's and Mer's life as well. Although we've made many new friends here in VA, and nothing can replace our church family, I still long to be with family at times. There's nothing that compares to the sweet Georgian hills with its lush greenery, bonfires in the summer, and with people who have known you the longest. We suspect that one day we will reside in Georgia once again. It's just a feeling, but you never know where the good Lord will take you and what new friendships will form. Only time can tell.
Here's a funny thing though. On the drive home, we passed through North Carolina and there seems to be endless construction on the roads. This is the conversation Meredith and I had just passing through.

Mer: Look at that big pile of dirt!
Me (giggling): That's what we call a hill, honey.
Mer: But it has no hair...
Me (still giggling): You mean it has no grass...
Mer: Yeah. I call grass hair because it's basically the same thing. 
         Hey! Look! There's a naked tree!
Me: What? What's a naked tree? You mean a tree with no leaves? 
Mer: Yeah.
Me....laughing because kids understand personification better than adults do...obviously.

Have a joyous Monday.

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