June 17, 2012

Father's Day Card.

Meredith and I made this card for Andrew. It's just a fun card using a free printable online. I printed on to cardstock, cut, then used spray adhesive to set in on a card I had handy. The picture inside was created using picmonkey.com. I downloaded it to my computer, opened it in Word, then printed on cardstock as well. I cut it to size and glued inside the card. Now you have your very own personalized Dad's day card. I love making cards!

Link to printable card: Father's Day printable card

Now...we also printed out a card for Meredith to fill out. It's the top 3 reasons my daddy's the best. It's super cute and a great way for kids to write about why they love their poppa. 
Link to Top 3 Reasons My Daddy's the Best...is here.

Enjoy your father's day and tell your daddy how much you love him. =)

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