June 15, 2012

Orlando Trip: Part 1.

Last Thursday Meredith, Mrs. Camper, and I began our journey to Orlando. An 11 hour journey. And upon arrival, we were in awe of the luxurious space we were about to inhabit for the next week. We laughed like giddy school girls, clapped our hands excitedly, and hurriedly forsook the warm upholstered seats our booties had become so familiar with at first sight of the mini mansion. How lucky we were to have been welcomed in to such a beautifully magnificent home. We were greeted with open arms, and before I knew it Meredith had made two new friends, one 9 and one 6 years of age, who quickly scooped her upstairs to the play room. We were shown to our apartment rooms upstairs and I couldn't have hid the smile on my face even if I tried. Meredith and my room was huge and had double doors leading to the very large balcony overlooking the screened in pool. We would share this great living space complete with jack and jill bathrooms, a walk-in closet, and outdoor seating area devoid of pesky bugs/animals. How exciting!! It is in my opinion now that every person should have a screened-in back yard. Ha!
Later we spent the night with a plate full of Stouffer's lasagna on the back patio...next to the OUTDOOR fireplace and with the very welcoming pool in plain sight. P-E-R-F-E-C-T. way. to. end. the. long. day. It was officially vacation time.
The next few days it rained...A LOT. Humidity was at a high (yuck!), it was hot, and the only way we could avoid stickiness was by staying in the pool. So for the next few days we stayed in the pool through the rain and we hoped the sun would shine down on us. In the words of Mrs. Camper, "I will NOT go home as white as I came!" This is what we were all thinking.
So here...in pictures...is how we spent our first few days in the beautiful but very rainy Orlando.

Part 2 coming soon.
On the other hand, today is Meredith's last day of kindergarten and I couldn't be more excited. We made a crayon wreath for her teacher and put together a basket of summer things for her. The crayon wreath tutorial coming soon.

Have a beautiful day, lovelies.

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