June 21, 2012

Orlando Trip: Part 2

Yes, we played in the pool for most our trip in Orlando. But during the times when the girls were out of the pool and we lounged around the house, they found my clothes and shoes to be of great interest. Carly (the oldest), Jada (the 6 yr old in the series of pictures below), and Meredith spent many nights having a fashion show out of my suitcase. Just call me Trunk Show. Needless to say, the girls had a great time with it and were extremely funny. Even my bras made it on their little bodies (all pictures were burned banned). Even though they had fun in moments, there were spurts of arguing girls throughout the week. It was soooo annoying. I will not place blame because there's no blame to be had. It just goes to show that kids will argue and fuss and fight...it is the natural order of things, especially when you have two girls who are used to getting their way. It was quite funny actually (in hindsight that is).
These are some of the phrases we heard most some of the time:
  1. Stop doing that.
  2. You're annoying me, stop doing that.
  3. Well, don't look at me then.
  4. Don't play with that because that noise is annoying.
  5. Well, what can I play with then?
Thank God for patience and making them work out their own problems.

Now...Carly (the 9 year old) got along with Meredith very well. They played nicely together, shared toys, smiles, laughs and even posed like mannequins throughout our mall visit. They were so funny with their poses. I can hardly tell they aren't mannequins. So stinkin' cute.
We enjoyed our trip to Orlando so very much and I believe Mer made two very sweet friends. I miss my hugs from those little ones and the joy they placed in my heart. Maybe one day we will visit them again.

Remember the Golden Rule today: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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