June 27, 2012

Orlando Trip: Part 3

The last few days in Orlando were quite busy. We spent mornings in the pool, then filled the rest of the day with activities. Meredith enjoyed her first time at Chuck E Cheese's...a place that was fun for her, but a complete waste of money in my opinion. I would never take her back. The place that was fun when I was a kid has turned in to this money pit, where parents, willing or non-willing, are dragged and lured through television advertisements on children's channels that make kids claw at their parents shirts begging to take them to grand ol' Chuck E Cheese's house. That sentence was way too long, which shows my frustration with Chuck E Cheese's. It is a place that is no longer about allowing children to play, but all about spending more money on coins that kids use to play games with in order to obtain some prize that costs 2,000 tickets. Ridiculous. Either way, Mer loved it, but it's not the kind of fun I would pay for again.
On the other hand, we did visit a very cool indoor trampoline place and the kids jumped around like crazed monkeys for about an hour before they were too tired and hungry to continue. It looked like so much fun that I almost did it. Dang it...why didn't I?! It must've brought back memories of being bitten by my sister on the trampoline when I was a youngster. Yep...my sister was a biting freak and I was the prey in our younger days. Thank God she's grown out of that.
We also watched our friends do gymnastics, which was great for Mer because it really inspired her to do it as well. Jada and Carly were great at tumbling and beam and so fun to watch these rising stars. Maybe Olympics one day?

 We ended our week vacation with a tasty treat at a frozen yogurt store. So Stinkin' Delicious! I had waited patiently for that all week long, then we headed back to home sweet home. We missed our hubbies and I believe Andrew missed us as well because the house was clean when we arrived from the long trip, which has NEVER happened in our near 8 year marriage (as far as I can remember). What can I say...I love him.

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