June 5, 2012


Creating is so much fun. And Pinterest is exactly the place to go if you're looking for something fun to do.  And that's exactly what I did...with the tie dye t-shirt activity. Who knew that blue gel glue could help to create a design on a t-shirt? Here's the thing though...it has to be blue gel glue. I tried the blue gel stick glue, hot glue, regular glue, and nothing works except BLUE GEL GLUE, which I could only find at Michael's. Wal Mart didn't carry it, nor did any other place...except a craft store. So I had multiple trials...and multiple errors until I went and bought real BLUE GEL GLUE. This activity takes up to 2 days because the shirt has to dry completely twice...which can take a long time and you will wait impatiently just as I did. But it's fun and so worth it. The more dye you use the darker your shirt will turn out and the better contrast with the white design (meaning the more dye, the deeper the color will be, and you'll be able to see your design better). The design you make with the blue gel glue is up to you. You can write song lyrics (the original design), make a sailboat (this is what yours truly did), or do any design you choose...the choice is yours. The possibilities are endless. Have fun with it!


1. Soak your shirt in cool water. Wring out.
2. Put your shirt over a plastic lid. It dries faster this way. I used a lid from a large storage container.
3. Draw your design with the BLUE GEL GLUE.
4. Let dry completely. This can take a full day.
5. When the shirt has dried completely, add the dye to cool water in a large bowl. Start with one tablespoon, adding more to get desired color. Your shirt will be lighter than the color you see in your bowl. Soak shirt, wring out.
6. Place dyed shirt back over plastic lid. Allow to dry completely.
7. Once dry, fill up the sink with cold soapy water. Rinse your shirt to get the glue off.
8. Machine wash and dry.
9. Your shirt is ready to wear!

I'm sure yours will turn out much nicer than mine because you are super crafty! Enjoy!

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