June 6, 2012


I can't believe it's Wednesday! Tomorrow Meredith and I leave for Orlando with a friend and we won't be back until next Thursday, which means no blogging until next Friday...or Saturday. Wow! This little vacation is coming nearly three days after our short trip to Georgia to visit family and attend a wedding...so back on the road we go for a 13 hour drive. I think this time I'll be somewhat homesick. Andrew will not be going since he has to work and he was so nice to tell his wife (who makes no income) to go on this trip that was nearly given to Mer and myself for free. We are so blessed to have a friend that volunteers to pay for gas so long as I am there to accompany her. All I have to do is be there for the ride so dear friend doesn't have to ride alone on the long trip, and Mer and I get to see Orlando. Woo Hoo!!
I will miss Andrew though...a lot...
So today as I busied myself with making a lemon cake for a young girl's birthday and packed for the trip, I also took care of two kids. The teacher I worked with during my student teaching time asked if I could babysit and I couldn't say no cause they're just so darn cute and fun to be around. We spent half the day at the park, where I promised their mom I would take pictures of them. We had some awkward moments because a lady at the park asked if I was a professional photographer, to which I said I wish, and then she asked if I would take some pictures of her granddaughter and send them to her email.
Hmmmm....yeah. A little awkward. But I said yes and it was interesting.

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