July 23, 2012

Are You Afraid to Go Short?

For about eight years I had my hair short. Sporting the bob was my thing for so long and I loved it. It was easy to maintain and as long as my hairstylist knew what she was doing I had no problems (p.s. Great Clips does not know how to do a good bob with a stack in the back...that was the first place I went when cutting my hair short eight years ago, and I came out in tears with really jacked up short hair and a lesson learned...if you want a good short hair cut, then you gotta pay the price for it...but so worth it!).
Over the past two years I've been growing my hair out, 'cause long hair has been the thing to do...the "it" factor. So I did grew it out, to my husband's dismay. Andrew definitely prefers short cute haircuts over the long, hair-gets-in-my-way cuts.
I had it in mind to get my braces removed, which I owe to my sweet hubby, then cut my hair for him as a surprise. Good wife, right? Yep.
So I did it. I put all reservations aside and cut it all off. Was I scared? Not really. Was it weird at first? Yes. But was it worth it? Yes, because I'm super comfortable with short hair. It's like going home after being on vacation. I loved having long hair and having that adventure for two years, but now I'm back to what I love and what I'm used to. I also can't forget that it just looks so darn good! Are you afraid to go short?? Well, don't be! I believe we women look good in anything, so long as you work on it and find a good stylist.

I owe my short cut to my sis-in-law, Deanna Wages, who works at Salon 124 in Grayson, GA. If you are ever that way, book an appointment with her. She is so worth it and super trendy and talented. 

To my awesome sis-in-law who is amazing...love you!

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