July 14, 2012

Beach Waves and Sea Gull Cries.

My sweet, lovely, inspiring daughter and I are hours away from that moment when cool tire tread meets warm gravel in pursuit of something larger...something called vacation. My two sister-in-laws, Mer, and I will gather polka dot embellished luggage into the trunk of Escape, set the move-your-body music to a volume unhealthy, roll the windows to a setting where skin lay unobstructed by tint, and we will feel like we are on our way...to the beach, which will be a heart lifting, mind numbing, finger gripping joy. Beach chairs, smooth sand between toes, birds crying, and waves crashing will set the mood. I can't wait.
In order to celebrate the beach ahead, I've found some inspiring pictures from All Things Stylish, a tumblr album.

Have a beautiful day, lovelies.

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