July 2, 2012

For the Love of Reading.

I love to read. I love to read novels. Anything by Barbara Kingsolver or Amy Tan is good for me. Authors who can turn words into images and characters into friends are authors whose works are worth discovering. Over the past six months I've been spending most my time discovering new children's books, but now that the blistering heat of summer is here, I want nothing more than to sit with a good book in my hand. A book that takes days to read, and preferably one without illustrations. Thinking about this little fact of mine (and the fact that I really don't want to get up and clean this house right now), I made this poster for you lovelies who enjoy the simple pleasure of reading.

You might say...Oak Tree with Spanish Moss?? Yeah...
Since our trip to Orlando in early June, I have come to fantasize about adore Spanish Moss. I've always loooooved Oak Trees (I have a recollection of a drawing I once did in elementary school) and the way they hover over the earth with their grande branches. I believe oak trees to be somewhat the king of trees. Either way, in Orlando, there were streets lined with oak trees with spanish moss. It was gorgeous. Simply beautiful. This is the closest photo I could find of the beautiful scenery in Orlando.

Anne Mckinnell Photography

Isn't it picturesque the way the branches lay over the land and the way the moss just makes everything glow? I love it. I could curl up under there with a good book.
It sounds crazy...I know. It's the imagination that makes it sound irresistible. I understand that in actuality it might be too hot to do this or the bugs would be too pesky flying around, but in my mind it sounds A-MAH-SING. What's your ideal place to sit with a book? Under the stars? In a cozy chair at the bookstore? You tell me.

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